Homeowners Awareness

Homeowners should be aware of the following to start a Roofing Replacement or Roof Repair:
1.  Please note that the removal of shingles is a process and as the shingles are removed from the roof they are dropped down from
     the roof in sections so Please keep small children and pets away from work area or advise the crew of their presence.
2.  Noise will be a factor from early morning until sunset so homeowners, children and pets should be prepared.
3.  Take precautions to remove anything that might be fragile from the walls and shelves due to the vibrations.
4.  Clear driveway so that a dumpster may be placed near the home for the roofing materials to be placed in them, also make sure
     your cars will be free to come and go without interruption to your daily chores.
5.  Roofing crew will move the items around your home, i.e. patio and pool furniture, gardening equipment, children's toys. 
6.  Pools within 30 feet of your home should be covered as roofing materials may fall into pool . 
7.  Satellite dish will be removed by the roofing crew and will be reinstalled however we will not be responsible for the reception.
8.  When roofing or re-decking is required, please remove or cover any valuable items that maybe stored in your attic.

Additional Important Roofing Replacement or Roof Repair Awareness:
***Please advise if electrical power is not available outside of your home so The Roofing Company can make alternative arrangements.
***Vaulted ceilings may sometimes have movement or nail pops that might occur, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done
    about this.
***The roofing job could be delayed because of inclement weather, the roofing crew will not remove more roofing shingles 
    than they can either replace or dry-in on a daily basis.
***When the crew is finished with the roofing job they will do all the clean-up around the home and remove any nails that might
    have fallen from the roof with a magnetic nail-roller (be aware that sometimes a few roofing nails may be hidden in the
    grass or shrubbery). We will have the dumpster hauled away as quickly as possible.
*****Payment is due upon the completion of the job unless prior arrangements have been made with an insurance company.  The
      checks should made payable to Roofing Company.